Monday, March 25, 2013

3. Rescued Cashmere on a Monday

We are having more snowfall after a glorious start of spring. It was warm enough to eat ice cream on the street - and now the world is white again.

To combat the spring-turned-winter blues, I went purple. A strong purple is something I usually wear in summer and fall when I am tanned and can take a strong color. But it just felt right today.

I paired a strong purple s/s shirt with a grey cardigan sweater that I have loved to pieces. I bought it, gosh, over 10 years ago and cannot part with it. It is cashmere (now that's a valid reason, no?), it is styled like a workshirt with collar and cuffs and a rounded hem.

It was on my "to-do or loose" list for ages. Cut up? - no. Remake? -no. Loose? - no no.
Instead I needle felted a circles design on it to cover all the big and small holes. I have a lot of materials so coming up with suitable felt wool colors was not a problem. it took ages to finish, but I am so pleased with it.

Necklace close-up. It's a Midcentury Modern piece from Finland. I have a faible for MidMod jewelry (among other things...)

shirt: thrifted
cardigan: Valerie Stevens (bought in Philadelphia in 2002)
pendant: from Etsy
pants: (not visible really) no-name grey stretch matador style

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regards, juli


  1. I really like what you did to "rescue" your cashmere sweater! It looks so fresh now. Thanks for sharing your look with Visible Monday.

    1. Thank you Patti. It was pleasure to be part of Visible Monday!

  2. I have a purple cashmere sweater that I now sleep in or wear when I'm sick and wanting to be pampered with something soft against my skin. I bought a new one that I wear in public, but the old one still lives on, holes and all.

    Now that I see how you "plugged" your holes, I may consider doing something else with it. Nice job.

    1. There is something so comforting in an old sweater, private in a way because no one else sees it but you.

      Looking forward to your "plugging" endeavors!

  3. I love the necklace, and I'm glad you found a way to save your sweater. I have a holey one I need to mend before it's time to put my sweaters away for the season!

    1. Mending is one of those tasks tend to feel overwhelming before you actually tackle them.
      It's great you mend your sweaters before they go in storage -it's just grab and go when fall rolls along. Like that idea!

  4. Very creative. I like all the circles involved in both your sweater and the necklace. We just went from below freezing to 40 degrees today and a promise of 50 by Friday. Perhaps it really will be Spring!

  5. Thank you Pao. Sometimes I think people have not only their favorite colors but also favorite shapes, although that is something one is rarely aware of.
    I wasn't until your remark made me realize it. How clever.
    Yes, spring cannot be far away anymore!