Sunday, March 24, 2013

2. Style and Art

For a while now I have been lurking around the blogs I have marked as my read. I have been especially charmed by a novel approach to dressing up - you may have guessed - Style Imitating Art.

This week's picture is a lovely mess of secondary and tertiary contrasts. Blue with yellow, blue with brown, but not any blue and any brown nor indeed any yellow. Pale, muted, dark or distressed, this color concept is spot on!
I love it.

The problem is that I do not own that many clothes and do not wear many colors. Yellow is a no-no for my complexion, so I was unable to complete the assignment.
However, this is what I came up with:
1. pale and muted blues and blue-greys, brown and a pale yellow doily in my hand.

2. Then I decided to try the look with more pale yellow. This shirt was thrifted and is just passing through my hands. A lovely cameo pattern with 70's exaggerated pointy collar and folded cuffs - sweet.

Not my thing, though. Can you tell? Or is it just me?

3. But here is what I actually wear and feel comfortable in: long-sleeve tissue tee topped with a wild caleidoscope floral tee, a smokey blue tights, granny shoes and my trusty grey-and-brown speckled skirt. I bought it in my first weeks in Vienna and have worn it all winter.
No yellow!! Does it still count?

tissue tee: Promod
printed tee and tights: H&M
necklace: blue silk cover wooden beads
skirt: Sandwich
shoes: Clarks (thrifted)

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regards, juli
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  1. Beautiful colors! You look great in the grayed blues and greens. Some of my favorites also.

  2. Ahhh, I like all your renditions of Style Imitating Art. I hope you did get your photos in. It's hard to figure out what they want the first time around. Holding the doily is terrific.

  3. Another person was late and we got edited in. Yes, when you are a newbie you need to figure out so many things. Glad you liked my outfit(s)!