Monday, April 15, 2013

10. A Spring Walk in Schönbrunn

Vienna has a funny climate - hardly it's spring it's already summer! We had a glorious Sunday with temperatures in 70's (21 degrees centigrade). What a better day to walk the beautiful grounds of the  Austrian (historic) emperors' summer palace, and by this I mean Schönbrunn. There is a zoo as well.

Fashion isnpiration can strike anywhere, I mean, look at this bird.

I can see a dress here: black and white striped skirt, waist has b/w polka dot fabric, and the bodice blue, white and black stripes. Oh, if only I could print my own fabrics!

The inspiration has to be saved for another occasion. Here's what I actually wore.

It was too hot for tights, but until I can't ditch them just yet, not before my legs are somewhat tanned. I have a day off from Uni, so I am going to spend my day on the balcony, sipping ice tea, reading old novels and tanning my wintry pale limbs from all angles.
Which sounds like an excellent plan!

blazer: Zara ( 2012)
pleated tee: zero (Wien 2013)
linen skirt: Mac Scott ( 2008)
silk scarflet: Japanese, thrifted ( 2012)
purse: David Jones (Wien 2013)
shoes: Bally ( 2010)

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  1. Classic and cozy - soon the hot days will be upon us! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

    1. I believe the hot days are already here... It's fun to take part in Visible Monday and mingle with other folks.

  2. Well you are in similar colors. He just has a bit more pattern going. But then you do have that splash of green. What kind of bird is that anyway?

    1. You are so right, I never even saw that.

      The bird is an exotic hen bird, and goes by name of Vulturine Guinea Fowl, which is an endangered species. There are cute videos on Internet Bird Database here:

  3. Still in transition, and I'm liking it. You look just right. I want it to stay coolish for a bit longer, please! Love the scarf! Pop!

    1. I like the transition period, I find summer too hot and winter too cold. This is an ideal season to wear light clothes but still able to layer.