Wednesday, April 10, 2013

9. Stella skirt

I like to go my individual path when it comes to clothing. A label gives me no satisfaction, I wear clothing that suits me and my life style. But every once in a while a fashion photo catches my eye and I start dreaming. These days the dreamy piece will more often than not be by Stella McCartney (or Anne Klein, or DKNY. Anne Klein tends to be conservative, but they have some very cool printed skirts this season.)

Rather than buy, I use those photos for inspiration, making my own versions.
This Stella McCartney skirt that has haunted me for a year. I like the sedate patchwork effect using same fabric in different colors, and the rounded side panels. But I can't wear mini (chubby knees!), and anything quite so flouncy so close to my be-hind.

Several things had to fall in place to make this skirt possible:
- a thrifted skirt in olive fishbone tweed last fall
- two scraps of fishbone tweed found in the pound section of a fabric store last month
- the Spring break (time to sew!)

The fabrics are lovely, but they were just scraps. Not enough for a skirt, not on their own, they begged to be combined.

I drafted a pattern that would use my fabrics to the full advantage.

I took the new fabrics for the body, then cut the hem from the thrifted skirt. That was much wider than my skirt, so I was able to pleat it in the back.
I also used the lining and the zipper of the thrifted skirt.

Total cost: 1€ skirt, 2€ fabrics, 2.50€ thread, 2 hrs drafting&cutting, 3 hrs sewing.

It's slowly getting warmer and the snow has been melting away, but winter clothing is still necessary. I am wearing this skirt now, it's just right for our "spring" weather.

skirt: self-made 2013
shirt: GAP, New York 2009
scarf: thrifted, Wien 2013
earrings: gift 2013
leather ring: Wien 2013
shoes: Deichmann, Wien 2013

linking: me-made-Mittwoch


  1. Wow! I'm impressed you drafted your own pattern. It fits beautifully--well done!

  2. What a creative solution. The contrasting grays are lovely and the fit look good--well done!

    1. Yes, one needs to get creative when there's too little fabric. I'm glad this worked out - it doesn't always!

  3. I love it - what a great way to adapt a catwalk look into something more flattering. Conratulations, it's great!

  4. That coming from the Queen of Refashion - thanks!

  5. It really does look great, and much better than your inspiration. Well done.

    1. That is nice to hear. Thanks for your encouraging feedback!