Wednesday, May 1, 2013

14. mayday, mayday

On May 1st Europe shuts down. It's our Labor Day, day for marching along for better work conditions (if so inclined) or for having a picnic, barbeque or a long walk in the woods (if so inclined).

I am invited to a barbeque, which is not going to be in a park nor in a garden, instead in the stony court yard of a city apartment. Weather is coolish, so I may wear this outfit.  There is a draped jersey tank  under the leather jacket and a jersey skirt (patterned as not to show spills...).
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jacket: me-made (2013)
skirt: me-made (2013)
top: H&M (2006)
shoes: Gabor (2009)
necklace and pin (2013)

I played around with jewelry and hung a yellow flower bouquet brooch pin onto the necklace that is fashioned from two bracelets a while ago (see post#7). I thought the pin adds the outfit a nice spring flair.  Though maybe a tad much for a barbeque?

jersey fabric with a houndstooth netting for lining
Skirt is a recent make. I showed one last week that I had made out of one yard of jersey - this is the very same cut. Another impulse buy fabric which I spontaneously liked but originally thought hard to combine. But it turns out I have things to combine. I like summer darks like aubergine and bittersweet,  both go well with this.

Now for the Refashion part:
I have been coveting a draped suede cardigan jacket. This Draped Paper Weight Suede Jacket made my heart go pitty-pat - it would have been a dream. But as always, dreams come with a hefty price tag...
When life threw a vintage 1980's suede costume my direction I grabbed it with both hands. 2€ for the set, I could not believe my ears.

It was of course very dated plus several sizes too small.

For my draped jacket, I took a Burda pattern (from magazine 11/2012 #132). I modified the fronts to be more square and extended them a good 8"/ 20cm to give them enough drape.
I cut the back from the existing back, sleeves from sleeves and the fronts from the skirt.
I used the old lining, too. I took no photos of the process, so I leave you with the finished photo for comparison of before - after.

Now I am left with a heap of odd leather bits which I am going to use to make something for my Medieval wardrobe. By the by,  I have added a link to my Medieval blog for those who might be interested. Be warned, there is no juicy clothing to be seen just yet (as I lost all the photos from last year), just a few random thoughts on research.

Had there been enough leftover scraps, this is what I would have loved to make! Leather stockings? What do you think?

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  1. Du kannst sehr gut Erdtöne tragen und warme Farben. Die Kombi steht dir sehr gut. Vor allem die Kette gefällt mir. Danke fürs Verlinken bei We are beautiful.
    LG Sabine

    1. Danke Sabine! Ich war sehr froh, deinen Blog gefunden zu habe. Komme bestimmt wieder auf Besuch.

  2. Your suede jacket is perfection. With great before and after photos! And your May Day ensemble is lovely for whatever you do on this day. Every time I visit your blog, it's fun to see how it's growing and changing.

    1. Thank you Pao for the praise! But growing and changing? I feel like my poses are always the same, in my hallway via the mirror, and maybe I have added a link or two... but I am very glad to take that as a compliment, too :-)

  3. ich bin von der verwandelten jacke total begeistert:) wundervoll! schön, dass du bei mixit dabei bist!
    xxx birgit

    1. Deine Mixits sind immer so toll, und deine Kleidung ist immer sehr inspirierend.

  4. I see you've got your Etsy Mini widget up too! Thanks for putting the link to your other blog up. LOVE the ikat pattern of that skirt fabric. Like you, I like more earthy summer colors.
    You certainly are a talented re-fashioner!

    1. Now that the widget is up I can't seem to change it's place. I really didn't want it to be so to-your-face and first thing to see.
      Re-fashioning is certainly fun!

  5. Hey Lovely! Your jacket is fantastic! You are so talented, fun to see. Just purchased my first pair of Gabor shoes on sale. I like yours.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. Gabor is bliss! I could walk in their shoes for miles and miles on end - in fact, I do!

  6. Thank you for sharing on Refashion Co-op. It all looks lovely. Jumping over to see the medieval goodness :-)

    Eddie's Room on Facebook come over for some crafty ideas and conversation.

    1. Thanks for popping over! Great to meet new folks.

  7. Thank you for submitting this to Refahsion First Friday! You were one of our top 5 links and will be featured in a recap.

    Thank you again. Look forward to your participation again!

    refashion co-op