Wednesday, April 24, 2013

13. Me-Made on a Mittwoch (that's Wednesday folks)

... or what I wore out of house today. The morning sun was low and highlighted the skirt, one of my recent makes. I spent two weeks sewing last month, literally all day every day! You've seen some already and there will be more cropping up in the weeks to come.

skirt: me-made (2013)
blazer: Zara (2012)
shoes: Medicus via Deichman (2013)
scarf: some Helsinki-based designer (2010)

The skirt was a puzzle. I often impulse-buy a yard of fabric when I see a nice one. But hey, a yard?

That seems like nothing, but if it has no nap or pattern to align you are in for a full skirt. I applied my knowledge of medieval dressmaking to this skirt. It is put together from straight and triangle pieces just like the originals which is a great way to get fullness with a shorter length of fabric.

Well, mine is a bit more up-to-date, but our ancestors did know how to make a precious piece of fabric go farther.

Lining is another pattern, just for fun, a piece of houndstooth netted lining.

The scarf is a well- loved piece. It is made by some Finnish designer (I cut out the tags, sorry...). It is woven seamlessly, one half lengthwise is black sheer silk, the other half has this awesome hand painted color run from a deep emerald towards a bright moss.

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  1. Oh, so many glorious colors, prints, textures!
    That is a crazy print on that fabric -- your skirt has a Desigual vibe to it.
    I'd love to see a photo of the entire scarf -- it sounds amazing.

    Oh pleeeeeeeese get rid of the captcha! So hard on my eyeeeeeees!

    1. I really thought I had gotten rid of Captha. I'll try again. At least I am not seeing it, but maybe that's because this is my own.

      The scarf was hard to photograph but I will manage it one day.
      I have this love-hate relationship with Desigual. On the one hand they are clever, on the other hand everyone has them now so there's a certain visual saturation.

  2. i love this skirt - it`s a ocean skirt;) thanks for mixit!
    xxx birgit

  3. Juli, der Rock ist wunderschön! Ich mag die verschiedenen Muster und den Schnitt! Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass er nicht ganz einfach ist. Dir aber gut gelungen!
    Lieben Gruss von Sabine

  4. Danke Sabine, für deine netten Worte. Schnitt ist durch Zufall entstanden, aber überraschend gut.

  5. Hi Juli, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do indeed keep clothes a very long time.
    "My knowledge of medieval dressmaking" is not something you read on fashion blogs very often and it got me all excited. I studied medieval art history and still have a love all all things medieval. I'm impressed and intrigued by your sewing and re-making projects so will be visiting regularly.
    Could you put a link to your other blog in your sidebar?

    1. I have just only started the Medieval blog and there is no clothing to be seen as of yet. Adding the link was something I have meant to do, thanks for reminding me. It is now there on the sidebar. (Clothing content coming in end of June after the markets.)

  6. Wow, you make a yard of fabric turn into a skirt with some fullness. Do you have a schematic to show how you actually came up with the pattern? I clicked on the link, but it wasn't actually the same, but of a cloak. I love the way it looks and I have so many small bits of fabric only a yard long. Your scarf is beautiful with the light streaming through it.

    Thank goodness captcha is gone!!!!!

    1. I don't actually have a schematic, but I promise to work one out, as a reference for you and others, and of course for my future use.
      Is Captcha really truly gone - hallelujah for that. It only took two times...

  7. You look great! Wow you are wonderful at sewing. Lovely outfit--impressive!

    blue hue wonderland