Wednesday, May 22, 2013

19. aqua and clay

I just finished a hand dyed, hand crocheted piece and am very happy with it (for change).

Pattern is from The Happy Hooker Crochet Book, jacket is called Short 'n Sweet. (link to ravelry)

I made it longer, both sleeves and body, but I think it still lives up to its name.

Pattern was superbly well written and easy, all straight pieces. Yarn was a pleasure to work with. Lace weight with a nice hand. Can be machine-washed, too. And the whole jacket weighs 75g / less than 3 oz. Now that's something!

I paired it with pieces you can see in the earlier post. No surprises there! Clay colored tee and shoes. Clay - my new love. Not grey... clay!

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  1. This is a lovley little jacket.
    LG Susanne

  2. So cute! Hmmm many ways to wear it, especially with this skirt. Maybe with a black sleeveless shell or with a white tee and a mixy-print scarf with this aqua and white? And for layering in winter with long sleeve black tee and jeans and scarf? Not end, really. So talented, Juli.

  3. P.S. (meant No end, instead of Not end ...oops.)
    And, meant to say I love Clay. It's a neutral that doesn't wash me completely out. Good on you!

    1. I love how versatile it is, it can really be combined with most everything I own!

  4. What a sweet jacket. It would look lovely over a simple dress as well. How do you find the time to make so many items of clothing?

    1. Idle hands are you-know-who's workshop... My mother was always busy with something and I guess that stuck. I do most of my knitting / crocheting / hand sewing in front of the tv.

      All the clothes sewing you see here happened within a week, a mad week in February when I barely got out of the house. It was terrible weather and I had no other commitments.

  5. You are so talented! Beautiful color and workmanship on your jacket. Isn't clay a lovely colored paired with blues? It seems like you could wear this jacket with many items for summer.

    blue hue wonderland