Thursday, May 30, 2013

20. Freezing in red and brown

It's freezing again. There hasn't been much summer yet, I see some people wearing their winter coats (fake fur looks so wrong in May) or tights and boots. I refuse to wear winter garb anymore, there will be a long winter to do just that.
Instead I grabbed some darker colors and a bit heavier materials. Everything is cotton, but just thicker. (Yes, those are bare legs. I refuse tights in summer.) At home I wear woolly socks and wrap myself in a blankie, that's how cold it is.

skirt: Flare (Stockholm 2010)
tee: Pimkie (Wien 2013)
cardi: a recent remake
shoes: Gabor (2010)

A close-up on the beautiful patterns that work surprisingly well together:

I love the earrings, they are a recent acquisition from etsy. This is how I wear my florals!

It's funny to think that next week this time I'll be working. I'm cramming for last exams (Monday Tuesday) and then off I go. I am not particularly looking forward to my new job, but a girl's got to's one of the realities in life.


  1. That's a pretty combination of colors and textures. Transitional seasons drag on in lots of places
    This is sort of like forcing blooms in a hothouse. Good for you! Enjoy your personal spring.

    1. Talk about transitional. I fear I must resort to pants today - it's still raining!

  2. Hallo Juli,
    das Outfit ist eine gute Lösung für einen kalten Sommertag. Wobei schon dass Wort Sommertag wohl eine maßlose Übertreibung ist. Dass Du es aushältst keine Strümpfe zu tragen, finde ich super. Ich bringe das nicht jeden Tag fertig. Manchmal müssen Strümpfe und Stiefel einfach sein.
    Ganz toll finde ich Deinen Rock. So ein hübsches Muster!
    Ich wünsch Dir einen guten Start im neuen Job!
    LG Sabine

    1. Danke Sabine, manchmal ist mir schon kalt aber ich beisse mich durch. Naja, und dann trage ich Hose wenn's wirklich kalt wird. Zumindest kann man sich in Farben frönen!