Monday, June 10, 2013

22. A Denim Make-Over

You'll notice I have moved, and my mirror image no longer has a clean background. I will have to work on that... In the meantime, I thought I'd show a nice summery outfit. It has been pretty warm here lately, and this outfit is both easy and good enough for "town".
Skirt is a recent make,  and if you are visiting for the how-to, please scroll down.

skirt: me-made 2013
top: Liz Claiborne 2006
belt: H&M 2002
shoes: Vagabond 2009

Some close-ups of my favorite parts as the main photo is so grainy:

 I love the cross-hatch pattern and inky blue of the top, and the unabashed hippie vibe of the belt.

These babouche flats are a dream. They are comfy and pretty - I especially like the reverse applique.

Now for the Refashion Part:

Stonewashed denim may be in again...

... but this 90's full skirt certainly isn't!
It was good lightweight chambray, so I grabbed it. It was a full circle with some hideous netting flounce underneath.

I removed the lining and the flounce, opened up the seams and spread it out. It was huge. Large enough to be making something substantial with it.

I took the Marcy Tilton V  pattern. As it is a tunic, I folded away the tops and used just the bottom parts to create a skirt. I love Marcy Tilton for her shapes, her patterns always have a twist.

I am not fond of pale denim. When the skirt was finished, I threw it into a dye bath. I wanted a dark indigo but ended up with a medium blue. Well, sometimes you can't have it all...
The skirt has been previously shown with different tops and accessories in posts #15 and 16.

I am very happy with the skirt, it cost me all of 1€  in material plus the dye (and several hours worth of work).

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  1. Thanks for sharing your creativity with Visible Monday - using the 90's skirt fabric is so clever! And you look great for going to town, or anywhere : >

    1. Thank you Patti! 100 Visible Mondays - way to go!

  2. Hallo Juli,
    der Rock ist Dir gut gelungen. Mir gefällt er auch in diesem hellen Ton. Bei Jeanshosen mag ich auch lieber die dunkelblauen, weil sie weniger auftragen. Bei einem Rock und zumal in dieser hübschen A-Form, spielt das ja keine Rolle. Das Top mit dem U-Boot-Ausschnitt gefällt mir gut dazu.
    Lieben Gruss von Sabine

    1. Danke Sabine. Ich mag nun mal dunkle Farben, obwohl helle natürlich auch ihre Reize haben.

  3. How clever you are! Very interesting DIY, and happy it worked out well. Love the pattern on your top, as well. You ended with a darling little outfit.

    1. Thanks Jan! At least there was enough fabric to work with - imagine someone really wore this in 1990's... that must have been heavy and cumbersome.

  4. Ich liebe den hippie-style und deine variante ist ganz modern. jeans zu recyceln ist wundervoll, denn je älter der stoff - desto besser;) danke fürs mitmixen!
    xxx birgit

    1. Ja Birgit, ich mixe doch immer gerne mit, bei dir gibts immer was nettes und kreatives zum schauen!

  5. Love how you are recreating clothing to make items that fit you beautifully. Appreciate your creativity. Pretty flat shoes with the detailing. Your haircut is very attractive!

    blue hue wonderland

    1. If you ever visit Vienna I'll bring you to my hairdresser - she is a miracle worker!

  6. Thank you for sharing your ideas and creativity with Recycled Fashion Finds!