Tuesday, June 18, 2013

23. Dressed for the Morning

In my days off - like today - rather than change immediately and become efficient, I like to lounge and linger. This photo was straight off bed, no hair, no make-up, heck - not even coffee!

Several years ago it was fashionable to have a long belted cardigan. That year I found a blue knit silk wrap cardigan on sale and bought is to be my summer robe.

 I love my morning robe - it is pretty with dressy details such as puff sleeves and eyelet, it doesn't look too 'private' and the light silk knit is ideal for the warm season.

Today I paired it with a grey boat neck tee and plaid shirting pajama bottoms.

Which have all the right details - button placket, matching flower fabric waistband, elastic and a drawstring. Needless to say, those were bought in New York. I haven't seen anything that cute this side of the pond, ever. (Night gowns and all jersey pajamas are the mainstream here.)

Whereas my house mules are so over the top I sometimes wonder... I am not a flashy person and that silvery shiny leather is not me. (Or is it?) The leather is soft, the last is a pleasure, and the square toes make them look more like a shoe than a slipper. I love the detailing - why can't I find shoes like that?

This was my look this morning - now neatly folded away. The day has begun!

gown: In Wear (2008)
pajama pants: Macy's (2009)
tee: Banana Republic (2005)
slippers: Lina, bought in Finland (2011)

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  1. good thinking - why not a nice cardigan as a robe? thanks for linking up to Vis Monday!

  2. Yes! I've done this with elderly light-weight sweater vests as well.
    Just a little added coziness.
    This does, indeed, make "casual" chic! Very casual!
    You're an original, and a great one.

    1. Oh, you too! I have a sweater vest for winter, aren't they just great? So cozy and casual.

  3. Your slippers are beautiful. I do adore silver shoes and comfort shoes are delightful aren't they? Nice to see a casual wear post.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. Better than comfort slippers would be adorable and fashionable comfort shoes!