Thursday, March 14, 2013

0. on sewing, stash and choices

I have only begun to sew after a long hiatus - and an equally long stretch of ready-mades.
In my (previous) student days I sewed almost everything. Once, on a train journey, I remember talking to this Swiss lady. She commented on my coat, I complimented hers, and we soon discovered we had something in common. I was awfully impressed when she said she sew everything, right down to her underwear. It had never occurred to me you could sew that, too.

I have so wanted to sew again for the last couple of years. But something has happened to me in the meantime. I go to the fabric stores, I look at fabrics. I remember how exited I used to be, and how thrilled when I found something that was pleasing and affordable.

These days - nah. I let my fingers feel the materials, take in the colors - and nothing. Nothing is stirring in me. Is it me, or is it the fabrics? Has my taste level stayed behind? Do I search for fabrics that have ceased to exist?

It shouldn't be too hard to find a mini check seersucker in black and white, now should it?
I want to use it for Marcy Tilton's wonderful dress that I have been running into on various occasions in the blogosphere.
I see it in black and white, a bit puckered fabric, in microfiber/cotton or rayon blend.
I went to the biggest fabric store in Vienna and found: nothing.

Which didn't hinder me from buying something "for just in case"... Or maybe it will be a pretty little vintage-y blouse someday...
This is how stash happens! There is a wonderful blog post in Tulle and Tweed today just along those lines.

regards, juli
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